Top Tips for Bathroom Renovations

Bathroom spaces may seem simple to design as they have very little furniture in them, unlike living spaces such as bedrooms and living rooms. Many homeowners feel that when they decide to renovate their bathroom/s, it won’t be a   very complex job and that it will get done quickly too. On the contrary, bathroom remodels require special attention and there are a number of things that you will have to focus on. Here are our top tips for bathroom renovations:

  • Plan the Design Well– In many ways; this is the most important aspect of your bathroom renovation project. In this phase, you will have to decide whether you want a minor or major change. If you are looking to make some small changes like cabinet door resurfacing and painting the walls etc or even changing fixtures, the project will get completed quickly and will not be heavy on your pocket either.
  • Choose Attractive Fixtures– Choose the best quality fixtures like faucets, shower heads and a pedestal sink maybe. It’s a good idea to check what the latest trends are, but don’t  forget that  interior design  trends  change with every season and the features you pick should complement the  rest of the elements in your  home too.
  • Opt for Durable Tiling- Though there are a number of  flooring material options  to choose  from;  ranging  from wood, vinyl and carpeting, its best  to opt for materials that look good, are functional, low maintenance and  durable  too. In this respect, you can choose from ceramic, marble or natural stone tiles. Do not scrimp on the tiles you buy as you don’t really change them often. Since these materials tend to be hard and cold, you can consider adding sub-floor heating before installing them.
  • Install Shower Area- While planning bathroom renovations, you could consider installing an open concept shower space that doesn’t require a door or curtain- it is far less confining than the latter.  Ensure that you design the drainage and plumbing properly and add an elegant showerhead to the space.
  • Smart Storage – It’s important to have sufficient storage space in your bathroom for towels, toiletries and maybe some bathroom cleaning agents too. Plan these storage spaces well, based on your function requirements. Make sure they are made of water, termite and mould-resistant wood and laminate. This will help in easy maintenance of the space.
  • Sufficient Ventilation– This is very important factor in bathroom renovations. If you have a small bathroom, ensure it has a slightly larger window.  If you are unable to keep the window open because of other houses in the vicinity, add an exhaust fan to the bathroom and a dehumidifier too. This will help in keeping the indoor air free of moisture and steam.
  • The Right Lighting – Use a combination of walls scones (these can be positioned around or above the mirror), and halogen pot lights. Try to look for lighting and shades that won’t throw any shadows and don’t forget to install dimmers. The best of materials and bathroom design will look unimpressive without the right kind of lighting.

Focus on creating a space that spells luxury without being too fussy. For the best bathroom renovations call Advanced Bathroom Renovations at 0412 276 517. Alternatively, you can use this online form to send us your queries.


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